Land Surveying FAQs

  • Why do I need a topographic map?

Topographic maps are used to measure the elevation of your land and show major landforms that a basic land survey does not show. They are useful for planning drainage ditches, land development, environmental restoration, and information for architects.

  • What types of land surveys are there?

There are several types of land surveys such as boundary surveys, topographic maps, subdivision surveys, and ATLA/NSPS land title surveys. The type that is right for you depends on what type of information you are looking for.

  • How much does it cost to have a land survey?

Land surveys can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Factors that impact the cost of a survey include the size of your land, the type of survey you need, the terrain of your property, and any special requests.

  • How does a land survey help my boundary dispute?

Neighbors feud over land boundaries all the time. Some people do not want others on their land or building anything on it. Fence lines can be a common issue for landowners. Having a land survey completed can give definitive proof of where property lines lie.

  • What is a land surveyor?

A land surveyor is a professional licensed by New York State through a combination of education and experience. Their job is to understand, identify, and record the physical characteristics of the land.

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